Penn Appetit Blog Posts

I spend a good portion of my time during the school year blogging about food for Penn Appetit, the University of Pennsylvania’s student run food magazine and blog.

Rice and Beans, Yes Please: The Cuisine of Alternate Spring Break Nicaragua

The First Real Meal I Ate in Europe

Smorgasburg: Your Summer Mission

It’s Brunch Time (at Fare), restaurant review

Penn Bites, post on signature bits around campus

Study Breaks: Coffee Shop Edition (featured on student agency website)

Food and Memories: Ice Cream Edition

Dining at Distrito, restaurant review

Latkes and Brownie Pudding: It’s Hanukkah Time, recipe post

From Israel to New York, a Familiar Aroma, tweeted by Aroma account

“Can I take a picture of that?” Social Media and Food

LA’s the Place (to eat), travel piece

Blue Suite Bites, post on college food


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